End the guilt and frustration. Make peace with food. Create magic in your life.


I’m Sara Best, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and health coach. I help women who struggle to stay on track with healthy eating and feel like they never have enough willpower, learn how to change the way they eat by changing the way they think about food and about themselves.

My approach is different.  I marry the latest principles in neuroscience with the ancient and spiritual teachings of mindfulness to help my clients reprogram the patterns and habits that have been keeping them stuck for so long. They learn how to make meaningful changes that stick so they can finally feel calm and confident around food!

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Why My Mom Hates Eggplant – And Why You Should Care

My mom hates the word “eggplant.” She loves to cook with eggplant, loves to eat eggplant, she just hates the word eggplant. “It’s such an ugly word,” she would always say. “Who would want to eat something called an ‘eggplant’? The French call it ‘aubergine’ which is...

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